They are always there when you need them, they listen and understand us in every situation – our friends! For us, they are the best people in the world and we don’t want to imagine them in our lives. With them we can laugh, cry, sing and enjoy life to the fullest. They take us as we are! Many of them accompany us throughout our lives and provide us with advice and deeds. They belong in our lives, just as we do in theirs! They are doing so much for us and we say THANK YOU for that today! A high on friendship!

A high on friendship!

We’ll give you three great reasons why we never give back good friends and you shouldn’t take them for granted!

1. Friends encourage us in any situation!

You have a great idea and want to put it into practice? Then friends are usually our first port of call to tell about our dreams and plans. They share our joy, stand by us from the beginning and hold a mirror in front of us: they remind us of what we are particularly good at and show us reasons why we can do it! If everything doesn’t go according to our ideas, our thoughts become spoilers and we would like to cut everything – even then there is hardly any better encouragement than? Direction! OUR FRIENDS! They supported us in every situation of life and want us to realize our dreams. Nevertheless, they are not afraid to tell us honestly if they do not feel that something we do and how we do it is good! And that, too, is excellent, because that is the only way we can develop further!

2. Friends are always there for us!

They know everything about us, listen to us and give us unique advice and tips that we would probably never come across on our own. After a bad day, there is nothing more beautiful than meeting and chatting with our best friends. We can tell them everything we have on our hearts. They go with us through thick and thin – in all situations of life. Whether in a bad or good life situation, with them we can steal horses! Heartbreaks? They are already standing on your doorstep with a large portion of ice cream and chocolate, or go for a beer with you! Sick in bed? The chicken soup isn’t long in coming, or the game console is already on! Or do you just have a long day at work and your dog is waiting for you at home? No problem! Your best friends have as much a big heart for your Wauzi as you do and pick him up spontaneously for a long walk! You are our faithful helpers in need! And for all this we love them!

3. Having friends is healthy!

With our best friends we can laugh, cry and dance. This is not only balm for the soul, but is also healthy! When we laugh, more than a hundred muscles are involved! In addition, Serotonin is increasingly released, which lifts our mood even more and reduces stress! But also just let off steam and really howl off is good for the soul! Because when we are sad, tell our friends about it and perhaps even tears flow, emotional tensions are relieved and stress is relieved! Did you know that friends are among the 5 great pillars of happiness? Having and nurturing social relationships can make a significant contribution to promoting a happy life. Meeting friends and doing things together is a true self-worth booster and keeps us healthy, young, vital! AND TODAY we just say THANK YOU for all this! THANK YOU dear friends, that you exist! A high on friendship!




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