Our daily task is thinking about a healthy lifestlye, looking for causes and imagining solutions. We have experienced the importance of giving our body the right nutrients in the highest quality ourselves. To have or not to have poses a huge difference that can change your life. But it’s not just health, but also income that adds to a better and happier life.
We are convinced that network marketing offers a great opportunity for a lot of people to build something for themselves. It can be a side income or more. This is why we founded VABO-N: a network marketing company producing nutritional supplements in order to sustainably improve the lives of many.



VABO-N was founded by the successful entrepreneurial couple Martin and Nina Dvoracek in mid 2015. The founders have been working in the field of nutritional supplements and network marketing since 2010 and have long-standing experience and extensive know-how in this industry. They trace their success back to passion for health and a healthy lifestyle as well as product based business set-up, intensive coaching work, sustainability and a lecture series about the development of leadership. Today, VABO-N has thousands of happy customers and partners in more than 12 countries and a passionate, international team with flat hierarchies.


Every single ingredient is checked for quality and safety prior to processing. The bottling of our VABO-N products happens in state-of-the-art GMP- or IFS-certified manufacturing plants. Obviously the well-being of the people who are part of the long process between finding a resource and bottling the final product is also an important criterion for us. That’s why we inspect our suppliers very closely and in case of doubt, we have them checked by independent institutions with respect to national and international guidelines: VABO-N ESSENTIALS, FIERCE and APEX are attested for marektability in Europe and Switzerland.


With our products, we want to give people an affordable option of giving their body an allround supply of important nutrients in order to support them in obtaining and sustaining a vital lifestyle.
We think that people who love VABO-N are the best and most honest advertisment for our products. That is why we invest money that others put into expensive marketing and market placement into our customers and partners – out of love for life. We would be happy to have you support our mission by becoming a VABO-N customer or partner!


VABO-N stands for All-in-One nutritional supplements with full conviction. Science confirms: vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances only unfold their full power when they interact with each other. And this is exactly what happens in our VABO-N products. Additionally, they make an allround supply for your body affordable. Instead of 10 different supplements á 30-50 euros/month, you get get an All-in-One product with VABO-N.


Here is the extra benefit of VABO-N: the fun factor!
VABO-N products taste delicious, are easy to drink, look stylish & motivational and even the tiniest details in packaging have been designed with love. We know from experience how important taste and simplicity are when it comes to consistently getting (or not getting) your daily dose of well-being.