Soon it’s Mother’s Day! Voila: The best feel-good gifts for all mamis and non-mamis.


Feed your inner life with positive things! It has even been scientifically proven that thoughts and feelings can even affect matter. Thinking young is therefore not a humbug!


As teenagers we do this, then comes the so-called “seriousness of life”. Get away with it! Beautiful, brisk music at home turning up quite loudly and dancing wildly! This awakens the spirits of life, pushes the condition and is a real calorie killer – promised! By the way, have a lot of fun with children! Singing along allowed!


Looking in the mirror can be quite frustrating if we count every wrinkle, blackhead and pigment spot and annoy us about our hair. It can also be done differently by smiling lovingly, celebrating our folds of laughter and giving us a joyful experience! Because anger about an undesirable skin condition does not make us more beautiful or younger!


Always the same daily routine? Are there things you’re really looking forward to? (not the TV program!)? If not, change your routine – at least sometimes! Plan a visit to the museum after work, take a walk in the greenery, learn to play guitar, take a dance class. It’s best to work with someone you really enjoy with. Or: How about a new hairstyle?


During stress, the stress hormone cortisol is released. Wonderful if we have to run away from a saber-toothed tiger, but for daily use it is not intended and let and age faster! It damages our health, makes the skin thinner, you put on belly fat… to name just a few side effects of stress. The good news: Exercise breaks down stress hormones! Whether it’s also yoga or reading a book, dancing or doing something with girlfriends is a matter of type.


Job, children, household, man: Everything together can be quite a lot. Time for yourself is often in short supply. That doesn’t make you more relaxed! That’s why you enter your I TIME in the calendar. Even young children respect this, if they are lovingly but clearly explained. The most important thing is that you don’t have a bad conscience, otherwise you and your children will find it hard to stick to it – they feel it sooofort!


… is soooo a feel-good factor – if you have only overcome yourself a few times! Even if we do very light sports: as soon as our blood goes into a wealed and we start to sweat, our cells are happy! Through the more intensive blood circulation, the cells are better supplied with nutrients (and VABO-N gets even better to its destinations ;-)), whereby all body processes function better again. So: Light, moderate sport is the order of the day! Important: After that, you should not feel broken, but better than before. Plus: Sport, as mentioned, relieves stress and produces happiness hormones! That’s why many who exercise regularly are addicted to it! By the way: The new trend sport is: Train with the kiddies! You do push-ups – they crawl through it, you take down steps – they crawl through, etc. Make both fun!


You can’t say it often enough! You should get to 2 litres a day. Water – not tea, coffee or fruit juice – water! It is an important means of transport for nutrients to the cells and for slag substances from the cells.