Make new from old! Recycling is the treatment and reuse of “waste” for new products. The concept is not new: the ancient Romans have already done so. Scrap metal collectors walked the streets looking for recyclables. Metal and glasses have been melted and reworked – which is why archaeologists today find hardly any objects made of these materials in ancient households. But why is recycling actually being recycled? Quite simply: raw materials such as coal, metals, oil and wood are only available on earth to a limited extent. Recycling creates a cycle that ensures that these raw materials are not wasted, but recycled.

As a health- and environmentally conscious company, the topic of recycling is of course also close to our hearts. That is why we are now officially partners of the EVERY DOSE ZÄHLTinitiative. Sustainability and recycling play an essential role for us – after all, VABO-N FIERCE and APEX are also produced in recyclable cans!

Why cans as packaging?

The beverage can is a smart packaging – that’s why we have VABO-N FIERCE and Apex for the aluminium can. We pack only the best and most precious ingredients into our products, and the aluminium can protects them most reliably from air and light, thus preventing them from losing quality during storage and transport. In addition, cans are easy to transport, quickly coolable and space-saving – and look really chic with the right design. But the best thing is clearly the fact that a can can can be recycled infinitely often WITHOUT loss of quality. That’s why the beverage can is also the most recycled packaging in the world.

What’s the point of recycling?

Fun fact: In just 60 days, an old beverage can can become a new one! In concrete terms, this means an energy saving of 95. In other words, for the melting of an already existing aluminium can, you only need 5 of the energy that you would otherwise need for new production. Visually speaking: a recycled can saves enough energy to operate a TV for four hours, for example.

Here are a few more examples of what recycling can do:


Aluminum can or glass bottle?

Of course, other beverage packaging is also recycled, for example disposable glass packaging. These, too, can be melted and reused as often as desired, but compared to the aluminium can, a decisive disadvantage is shown: glass bottles have a high weight, which drives up the energy required during transport enormously. Due to their heaviness, glass bottles can break quickly during transport and are less suitable for longer transport distances than aluminium packaging, which is on average 17x lighter. Figures from the USA show that the aluminium can is recycled at an average of 70 – thus clearly ahead of PET bottles (3) and glass bottles (23). A new aluminum can to be manufactured from an old one consumes only 5 of the energy it takes to produce new aluminum. High recycling rates therefore mean one thing above all: a positive ecological footprint.

Why recycle aluminium cans?

The initiative EVERY CAN COUNTS is supported by aluminium producers, beverage manufacturers, recycling companies and industry in order to increase the recycling rate of aluminium in Austria. And for good reason: recycling saves an awful lot of resources and is good for our environment. Proud 75 of the aluminium ever produced are still in circulation today! Each kilo of aluminium recycled saves about 8.5 kg of greenhouse gas.

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Join us!

You want to participate and make your own contribution to the protection of the environment? It’s really simple: all you have to do is collect beverage cans. If possible, press your empty VABO-N FIERCE and APEX cans together for space-saving reasons and off you go into the designated recycling container (blue ton or yellow bag). You want to go one step further? Then also motivate family, friends and acquaintances to do the same. Show them how easy it is to do something good for the environment! Freely following the motto: “But first … recycle.”