Almost 90 of all women know and have them: cellulite. A word that often leaves goosebumps in women. As summer draws nearer, the shorter and airier the clothes become.

The orange skin can hardly be hidden, because it occurs in places that quickly attract attention. The bad news first: A connective tissue weakness may be partly genetic. The good news? You can actively improve them!

Our TOP 5 tips to conquer the orange skin in the long term and start the summer with firm skin.

Say cellulite finally the fight!

1. Detoxifying and strengthening connective tissue!

Sufficient nutrient supply is essential to ensure that all processes in the body function optimally. In order to build a healthy and strong connective tissue, a healthy body with functioning and reliable cells is required.

Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients support our cells in ensuring that all processes in our body function smoothly and that our connective tissue can work even better in order to become firmer and firmer.

Even beyond the connective tissue, nutrients support you on your way to the summer figure: Sufficient nutrient intake is not only generally beneficial, but also helps you get rid of unnecessary pounds. Nutrients not only stop cravings, but also stimulate metabolism and fat burning.

A nutrient deficiency, on the other hand, can even have a negative effect on your path to becoming a dream figure, because it can cause cravings and appetite for the unhealthy.
If our body lacks nutrients, it responds with the command “ESSEN!”. He means vitamin C, zinc and folic acid, for example, but we understand biscuits, crisps and chocolate – we eat even more calories.

You can read more tips to help you on your way to becoming a personal dream figure here on our blog.

2. Collagen Boost!

In addition to a nutrition concept that aims to eat the right and the right thing regularly to avoid the yo-yo effect and still lose weight (book tip: VABO-N APEX KONZEPT), and sufficient exercise, collagen also plays an important role in the fight against the nasty dents.

From the age of 25, the body’s own collagen production decreases, causing the skin and connective tissue to lose stability and firmness. Therefore, it can help to add collagen. Not only good experience, but also scientific studies prove the positive effect of collagen against cellulite.

Did you know that there are beauty drinks with collagen? For example, we have discovered one that contains an extremely high amount of collagen on average – 4 grams. Said drink would cost about 600 € with 24 daily rations of 18 grams. This makes VABO-N APEX by far the hottest product – even on this market!