Summer, sun, sunshine, but no trace of relaxation? It’s burning at work, exams are coming up or the next move is just around the corner? In such situations, we often put our needs behind us and that, although it is extremely important in these moments to ensure balancing relaxation in order to stay healthy and lively in the long term! To help you with this, we’ll tell you our five favorite tips on how to easily integrate relaxation into your everyday life – even in stressed times! According to the motto: Relax, Refresh & Recharge!


We’ll show you how to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stress – by changing a few daily habits! With our five tips, it will be easy for you to start your everyday life in a relaxed way!

1. The most important one comes early in the morning!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and rightly so! With a balanced start to the day, you will provide your body with essential nutrients and provide it with the fuel to have enough energy and good mood for the whole day! If your body receives sufficient vitamins, minerals, trace elements and superfoods in the morning, this can also have a positive effect on how your body handles stressful situations! So, make it best to have enough time for your breakfast – and make it a celebratory occasion – every day: Relax, Refresh & Recharge! Tip: To start the day REALLY relaxed and relaxed, check your emails first at work – and not at the breakfast table! So you still give yourself time to prepare for a long day and enjoy your meal.

2. Recovers during work!

The working day is still long and your only thoughts are to finally have to be out, to be able to enjoy the free time, to put your feet up and just switch off? Caution is required here! Recreation takes place not only in leisure time or on holiday! Recreation should also take place before and especially during your working hours – the positive effect of several small breaks during work is even proven! The stress is reduced in this way, your work-life balance is balanced and you feel much more comfortable! Tip: How about a little meditation during your lunch break? Meditating reduces stress, stimulates creativity and stimulates brain activity! So, just relax for a moment!

3. Exercise and sport!

Sport and relaxation in one sentence sounds strange to you? But it shouldn’t! If you work a lot, have stress and want to relax, you should integrate a lot of exercise and sport into your everyday life! Nothing is more relaxing than a walk or a little bike ride with your loved ones – discovering nature and discussing the wonders of the world – wonderful! But it doesn’t matter if a trip, a yoga session or a power boxing lesson are relaxing for you – exercise and sport are healthy! Daily exercise initiates various processes in the body, so among other things your immune system is strengthened, your muscles are strengthened and your soul is relaxed! Tip: Whether your office is on the fourth floor or you want to go to the first floor in the shopping center: Just resist the escalator and lift temptation and take the steps!

4. Take your time for yourself!

How about a hot relaxation bath? It relaxes body and mind, helps you relieve stress and can release tension in the body! With a 15-minute relaxation bath, you can switch off at lightning speed and escape the stress of everyday life. Close your eyes and think of beautiful things that you have experienced in the past and want to experience in the future! Thus, blood pressure drops and the body reaches a state of relaxation! Tip: Pay attention to the water temperature here: 36-38 degrees Celsius are optimal, so as not to strain the heart and circulation. Indirect light, candles, your favorite song and essential oils can also help you recover quickly!

5. Sufficient sleep!

Look forward to your sleep! After a long, exhausting day, there is no better feeling than falling into bed in the evening and letting go of your thoughts and problems! Going to bed a little ritual can help you come down and relax! It doesn’t matter if it’s the daily cup of tea, reading in your favorite book or a little meditation! By repeating activities every day, you show your body that it is now time to let go and finish the day! Tip: Try to sleep for between 6-8 hours a day! This is the optimal time for your body to recover and you can start the new day with vigour! Of course, each of us relaxes differently! It can be just as relaxing to relax in front of the TV as it is to meet up with friends and talk all the frustration! And one thing is certain: If you put these five basic tips into your everyday life, your relaxation level is guaranteed to rise! Our last tip: LACHEN! Positive thinking in everyday life helps you to approach things with joy and vigour and to prevent stress!