Good nutrient supply is the basis of our health.
To understand this, we dare to take a look at our smallest unit: the cell.

The basis of our health

Each of our cells is a small marvel in which thousands of chemical and electrical processes are constantly taking place. In order to function optimally, the cells need sufficient tools – i.e. nutrients such as vitamins, minerals,trace elements and so-called phytochemicals. High-quality raw materials in the right composition give our body exactly what the cells need for optimal work. The right combination of micronutrients makes it so that their positive interactions can potentiate. In short, the optimal performance of our body starts with the best possible supply of the smallest unit – the cell.

Facts about the cell

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Our body consists of around 70 trillion cells

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Every day about 300 million cells die off & are newly formed

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After 90 days, a large part of our body is renewed

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After 7 years, almost every cell is renewed – even every bone

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Thousands of biochemical processes per second

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Optimum nutrient supply = higher functionality

= healthier new cell formation

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200 different types of cells in the human body

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The fuller the spectrum of nutrients, the better the cell works

Much new in 90 days

The quality of our way of life naturally influences the quality of the cell and thus its functionality. What is clear is that the changeover takes time. With every change in lifestyle and diet, optimally working cells do not form overnight. Therefore, the motto is: give your body time! Unlike drugs, which immediately but only occasionally have an effect, it takes a little time for a significant amount of smarter, better-functioning cells to be formed during a dietary change. But patience (at least 3, better 6 months) is worth it! One then enjoys an honest and comprehensive effect, which affects every area of the body.

Who starts to supply his cells with nutrients and stays on it for at least 3 to 6 months,
will notice a comprehensive effect on health and well-being.

Disease & early aging occurs in cells

Our cells do a lot of things in the body and have a wide variety of tasks. Examples include skin formation and wound healing, or the transport of oxygen through the body. In addition, there is the killing of pathogens such as heavy metals, toxins of spray residues or genmutated or irradiated food. When the cells are no longer able to cope with these myriad challenges and there is an overload, the result is inflammation, allergies and cardiovascular problems, among other things.

Today we are exposed to a lot of stress, and so are our bodies: oxidative stress is sometimes the cause of
premature cell aging, which affects not only visible surface, but the whole body.
To protect against these attacks, our body needs help from natural vital substances.
Here, phytochemicals such as isoflavones, resveratrol and Xantone are true miracle weapons.

Nutrients are building blocks for cells

The organism is constantly renewing itself – and the more effective the cells are doing better. In addition to macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, we also need micronutrients. Of these, much smaller quantities are sufficient, but they are no less important – on the contrary. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients are indispensable for the billions of biochemical processes that take place in our body every second.