When rain and storms rage outside, it’s the most comfortable indoors. The ideal prerequisite to dedicate yourself to books without any distraction. Books that bring you forward not only personally, but also career-wise – aha experiences guarantee! Be inspired by our recommendations and find new skills along the way! Because, as Jim Rohn says: “You don’t get paid per hour. You are paid for the value you pay in the hour.”

The 5 best business books!

How to Make Friends: The Art of Becoming Popular and Influential by Dale Carnegie

Don’t be fooled by the title – it’s an extensive work on how to win over others and your ideas. A classic and a MUST-READ – no matter if you are a student, mom, manager or brand ambassador. “Ego kills Success” and much more, is clear to you after this book. Above all, that you should only deal with others in the way you want for yourself. True to the motto: What you don’t want, what you do, don’t do to anyone else. Dale Carnegie is a master of relationship management and published this fascinating book back in 1937. It was an absolute breakthrough and sold millions of copies. Even today, the new edition of the book is as helpful as it was then. This is thanks to Carnegie’s extraordinary understanding of human nature – a knowledge that will never be outdated. For Dale Carnegie, success depends not only on expertise, but also on the ability to express ideas and thus inspire enthusiasm among other people. Carnegie’s rousing examples of historical figures, business leaders, and everyday people will open your eyes. After that, you will suddenly see everything very differently. A fantastic work that will change your life.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

This million-dollar bestseller could be subtitled “Guide to a happier and more fulfilling life,” which may have led to groundbreaking success. In her book, Byrne summarizes the insights of many wisdom teachers and shows you how, with the help of the law of attraction, you can have, be, or do what you want. The principle behind it: The power of our thoughts that create our future life, according to the motto – you will be tomorrow what you think today. After reading the book, which by the way is the addition of the documentary of the same name, many report having better recognized who they really are. What is certain is that the book provides intellectual and spiritual inspiration, helpful impulses, comprehension-promoting case studies and a lot of conversational material!

Think and get rich by Napoleon Hill

Here you can expect success laws – principles that help you achieve your individual goals. For Napoleon Hill has been researching the similarities of successful people for over 20 years and has had conversations with 500 millionaires. This book has been a bestseller for decades and has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Hill presents approaches that can only be implemented with one resource – his own self. The application of autosuggestion, i.e. the influence of one’s own subconscious, plays an important role in this work in order to achieve the goals set. To succeed, you need to find the key to your subconscious and give it only positive thoughts. Behaviour and thought mechanisms must be programmed for success. Internal forces must be activated and confidence in one’s own abilities developed. Definitely a MUST-READ!

That’s what millionaires think. The relationship between your head and ts. Harv Eker’s account balance

Does the title scare you off? Yes? Then it is high time to read this book. why? From childhood, most people are confronted with sayings like, “Money stinks” and with the attitude that rich people are actually all somehow evil. Just think of movies and series… the rich are always the bad guys, right? Only when one has become aware of this negative influence on wealth can the channel open up to the flow of money. And that’s exactly what’s happening on the first pages of the book. After all, who could seriously want to be rich as long as the subconscious is anchored in the subconscious “rather poor and nice than rich and mean”? Just for the info: Money does not spoil the character, it shows and strengthens it! Once that’s done, the author, T. Harv Eker, shows on various levels – from effective practical advice on how to divide your monthly money to spiritual inputs that can open you up to the fullness of life, as he himself does within the world. two and a half years from the normal earner to the multi-millionaire. ATTENTION: If you have read the book, it is very likely that one feels a strong desire to attend one of his seminars, in which the described in the book is consolidated over several days.

David and Goliath: The Art of Conquering the Overpowerby Malcolm Gladwell

An impressive work with stories of people who, despite poor starting conditions and defeats, could not be subdued. People who, with reason, but above all with a lot of passion, have brought their supposedly overpowering opponents to their knees. The book proves that with commitment and innovative solutions, one can cope with situations that seem hopeless at the first moment. Gladwell is convinced the underdogs are the winners! For him, triumph is not a question of greatness, but of inner attitude. It inspires us to rethink. To question our ideas of strengths and weaknesses, as well as of superansity and inferiority. He underlines his stories with studies and statistics that do not seem to be sleepy or lengthy. As a reader, you will be involved in his arguments, through well-placed questions. An inspiring book to which you should dedicate your time – you will not regret it!