VABO-N APEX is your sporty nutritional supplement for muscle building and fat loss. It ensures maximal success on your way to your dream body. Pushes your stamina during training and your regeneration afterwards. Your sporty All-in-One-drink with worlwide unique collagen content. VABO-N APEX is your sporty nutritional supplement for muscle building and fat loss.


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Maximal training success


Muscle building


Fat loss


Connective tissue








Strength & Stamina


NO artificial sweeteners,
colors and flavors, gluten & soy.


You will love what it does to your body and you will love the taste.


Regularly tested for selected doping substances.


The dosage of our resources is not accidental, but the result of studies verifying their effect.


VABO-N APEX was developed in Austria and is produced with the highest standards of quality.


Bottled under the strongest
IFS-certified standards.


If you’re dissatisfied with VABO-N, you will receive
your money back within 30 days.

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We are quick to wish for a bodily transformation. But first of all you need to decide what exactly your goal is! Do you want to lose weight, build muscles or form your body in general? It is important to have a concrete goal you can always remember. Without a concrete goal in mind, you can easily lose courage and motivation – therefore: no matter, what you want to achieve – stay strong! Best your own weaker self and get the dream body that you have always wanted!

We at VABO-N truly enjoy life!
And we take things seriously.
We want to support your goal of becoming your best self – long-term and sustainably. We are not interested in boasting about the results of a 3-months crash diet that results in more body problems than there were at the beginning. We put emphasis on enjoyment and a liveable method that is fun to integrate into your daily routine – a simple concept! We give you an easy building block system, delicious ingredients and a whole lot of enjoyment on your way. Now it’s your turn – only you can put it into practice and reach your goals!

The Body Mass Index is a measuring tool setting off body weight in relation to body height. The calculated BMI is supposed to help you visualize your results more easily! The BMI is a base figure to evaluate your body weight – normal weight is desirable! But careful: the BMI is only a base information and depends on how trained you already are. An example: let’s assume you are 1,65m and weigh 65 kg. This is the calculation you will do:

Du hast deinen APEX-Fahrplan klar vor Augen? Dann werden deine You have visualized your APEX game plan? Then your muscles will grow faster than you think. As a result it’s possible that you won’t be seeing change on the scale. But appearances are deceptive! Your body shape changes in a positive way. If you lose 1kg of fat and build 1kg of muscles at the same time, you will not immediately see it on the scale, but on your figure! The best way to see results is with before and after picutres. Additionally we recommend measuring your bust,- stomach,- upper arm,- buttock,- and thigh circumference! You can find tips on how to take the best before and after pictures in our book or by clicking on this button:

The recommended daily dose (250 ml) contains

          % NRV*


vitamin C

100 mg


vitamin D3

10 ug


vitamin B1

600 ug


vitamin B2

680 ug


vitamin B6

1,7 mg


vitamin B12

3,6 ug



6,8 mg


pantothenic acid

4 mg



60 µg


folic acid

160 µg





40 µg



3 mg


additional ingredients:

collagen peptides

18 g **

solvable fibre

7 g **

blood orange extract

375 mg **

green tea extract

60 mg **

guarana extract

284 mg **

The recommended daily dose (250 ml) contains

 250 ml

100 ml

calorific value

119,49 kcal

47,8 kcal


0 g

0 g

– saturated fatty acid

0 g

0 g


7 g

2,8 g


10,58 g

4,23 g

– sugar

8 g

3,21 g


0,28 g

0,11 g


17,1 g

6,84 g

bread units

0,88 BE

0,35 BE

* % of the nutrient reference values according to the food information regulation

** no nutrient reference values available

water, collagen peptides, resistant corn dextrin, sacrose, carbonic acid, blood orange extract, guarana extract, green tea extract, L-ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, D-biotin, folate, chromium picolinate, calcium-D-pantothenate , zinc citrate , natural aromas , acidifier: tartaric acid, citric acid, sweetener: steviol glycoside, preservative: potassium sorbate.

Amino acid profile of the collagen peptides*


24 x 250 ml (á 24 portions)


The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements are no replacement for a balanced diet. Keep away from children. Heightened caffeine content. Not recommend for pregnant or breastfeeding women (24,82 mg/100 ml).


VABO-N APEX is available in all pharmacies in Austria.

Central pharmaceutical number VABO-N APEX (24x 250 ml) PZN: 5152619

Frequently asked question from our customers

The blood orange extract in VAPO-N APEX is a secondary plant substance able to positively influence the metabolism. Studies show that weight can be reduced with regular ingestion. Additionally, green tea extract supports you with weight reduction. Numerous studies have shown the positive effect the contained EGCG in green tea has on metabolism, metabolic rate and the reduction of fat absorption.

Definitely, because VAPO-N APEX contains 17g of protein in every can – in the form of bioactive collagen peptides! Collagen peptides are the most similar to the proteins that naturally occur in the human body and can be absorbed perfectly and used for various processes in the body. Studies show that as much as 13,5 g of protein of our bioactive collagen peptides support muscle building at a 5 TIMES stronger rate (depending on age) and also reduce fat! And this is only a small part of the VABO-N APEX effect. There are 16 additional ingredients supporting you on your way to your dream body!

You should drink VABO-N APEX before breakfast and/or after training.

Studies show that humans ingest up to 10g less solvable fibre than they need on a daily basis – even though solvable fibre can prevent gastrointestinal illness, metabolic disorders as well as cardiovascular diseases and influence your well-being. Instead of calling them “a burden”, we should see them as our intestine’s best friends and make sure to ingest enough of them. VABO-N APEX contains 7 g of solvable fibre per daily dose.

Collagen is the most recurrent proteine in the human body. The collagen peptides contained in VABO-N APEX especially target muscle building (collagen peptides 1). Studies show that they increase muscle building (with training) dramatically. We included 13 grams of these collagen peptides in VABO-N APEX (collagen peptides 1). But that’s not all – VABO-N APEX contains additional collagen peptides improving cartilage, supporting beautiful skin as well as firm connective tissue and skin elasticity. VABO-N APEX contains a full clinical dose.

Why supplementing your diet in sport?
Dietary supplements during sports can maximize your training results. VABO-N APEX is particularly suitable for this, because: The high-quality ingredients in VABO-N APEX work multi-effectively for your body. They support muscle function and muscle building, help with weight control, support connective tissue and protect your cartilage and joints. In short: VABO-N APEX combined with sports helps you break down fat while building muscle. The anti-aging effect on the skin thanks to collagen peptides in combination with vitamin C is an extra benefit!

Which dietary supplements are particularly suitable when you do sports depends not only on your personal starting situation but also on the respective sport and your training goal (muscle building, fat loss, stamina, joint protection).
With VABO-N APEX, we have developed an all-in-one dietary supplement that supports you in all of these training goals. For example, the collagen peptides contained in VABO-N APEX push muscle build-up & fat loss and also do the cartilage and joints well. The soluble fibers provide more sastability and contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as phytochemicals and specifically support metabolism, fat loss and muscle building.

Daily about 10 minutes before breakfast. This allows the nutrients to be processed optimally, and your breakfast portion will be smaller, as you have already satisfied the first hunger.

Whether you consume supplements before or after exercise depends on your needs and the product. For the optimal training effect, we recommend you to consume VABO-N APEX on days when you are exercising during or after sports.

The two different types of collagen peptides in VABO-N APEX aim at different results.
VABO-N collagen peptide No. 1 is responsible for muscle building and fat loss. Studies show that they significantly increase muscle building during exercise, significantly reduce the fat content in the body, bring a significant increase in strength by up to 100, and improve muscle quality. The great thing about it: muscle building and fat loss happens at the same time! We have added VABO-N APEX 13 grams of these collagen peptides.
VABO-N collagen peptide No. 2 is responsible for the joints and the skin. Studies show that they improve cartilage function, reduce cartilage discomfort, improve joint inflammation, and make a significant contribution to beautiful, firmer skin as well as to firm connective tissue and good skin tension. Anti-aging pure so! In VABO-N APEX are 5 grams of these collagen peptides.

VABO-N APEX contains sugar because muscle building needs it. Here the dose is chosen very consciously. The remaining necessary sweetness is achieved with natural steviol glycosides (stevia).

The VABO-N APEX collagen peptides have a particularly positive effect on the muscles. To prove this, several randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind studies have been conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and potential of daily intake of VABO-N APEX collagen peptides in conjunction with strength training.

The positive mode of action after ingestion of collagen peptides was shown as follows:

– Increase in muscle mass compared to placebo
– Improved muscle strength, reduction of waist circumference and statistically significant reduction in fat mass


In concrete terms, this means:
In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, the following successes were achieved in the male subjects after 3 months of intake, including 3x 60 minutes of training per week:

  • body composition significantly better. The fat-free mass increased significantly by 1.3 kg in KP No. 1 group compared to placebo – 50 higher muscle growth
  • Fat mass significantly reduced by 1.9 kg in KP No. 1 group – 50 higher fat loss

The force increased significantly by around 100. Compared to an increase in muscle mass by 50, muscle quality is also improved!

Yes! Because in addition to all the advantages that VABO-N APEX brings for the ideal training effect including muscle building and fat loss, there is another addition: Anti-aging from the inside!

Collagen provides firm skin, elasticity and moisturizing of the complexion deep in the dermis.

Studies show that bioactive collagen peptides unfold their unique power from the inside. They not only supply the body with collagen, but also naturally stimulate the body’s own collagen production of fibroblasts in the dermis. The collagen balance throughout the body improves, and the skin becomes more stable, firmer and radiates from the inside!

A placebo-controlled double-blind study of 33 women aged 40 to 59 years showed that VABO-N collagen peptides increase skin moisture by 28 after 8 weeks. 91 reported an increased skin moisture level.

The VABO-N collagen peptide has been proven to stimulate collagen production and skin moisture by increasing the amount of water-binding hyaluronic acid in the epidermis.

Here are the 5 beauty benefits of collagen peptides in VABO-N APEX at a glance:

  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Smooth, supple skin
  • Higher collagen density
  • Increased humidity
  • Collagen restructuring from the inside

In theory, yes, but don’t forget: muscles burn more energy than other body measurements and especially fat. In other words, the more muscles you have, the greater your basic turnover (energy burning at rest). By the way, in terms of muscle building and proportion in the body, men are somewhat favored by nature: they possess significantly more testosterone than women, which promotes muscle building.
Basically, however, the following applies: Healthy nutrition and a good fitness state with regular training promote the ideal body fat percentage. Fat killer number 1 among the sports is strength training – which, coupled with a dose of VABO-N APEX for training, will definitely show success!

This is because you have broken down fat mass and at the same time built up muscle mass. In addition, muscle mass weighs more than the same volume of fat mass. Say – you actually lost weight, but the scaledoesn don’t notice it because you’ve gained muscle.