The flowers sprout, the sun laughs, the days get longer – summer is just around the corner and with it the painful thoughts of the summer figure and the annual question: How do you get the annoying cushions that have accumulated slowly over the winter months, now get started again as soon as possible? Many people use diets: FdH, the pineapple diet or the keto principle – figure-conscious people have certainly heard about it before, if not already tried something. Losing weight with diets is experiencing a boom!

Nutrient deficiency in diets

However, most diets are based on reduced and/or one-sided nutrient intake. However, the absence of kilocalories can quickly lead to a nutrient deficiency after just a few weeks with consequences for well-being and health, for body and soul. What do many additionally do not pay attention to? Nutrient deficiency can be counterproductive in diets, which can cause cravings and appetite for the unhealthy. If our body lacks nutrients, it responds with the command “ESSEN!”. For example, he means vitamin C, zinc and folic acid, but we understand biscuits, crisps and chocolate. Because we follow our bodies, we sometimes consume even more calories than without diets.

Losing weight with nutrient intake

The good news is that it is not always due to the lack of self-control, but “only” to a lack of nutrient intake, which can ideally be compensated by a balanced diet plan and dietary supplements (such as VABO-N FIERCE and VABO-N ESSENTIALS) even during diets. In fact, this is doubly good: a sufficient supply of nutrients is not only beneficial, but also helps you get rid of the superfluous pounds. Nutrients not only stop cravings, but also stimulate metabolism and fat burning. For example, zinc contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism and thus prevents craving attacks. Vitamin B6 stimulates metabolism and vitamin C accelerates the breakdown of fat. The enzymes in magnesium also ensure a smooth fat metabolism. And these are just a few examples of the positive side effects of sufficient nutrient intake when losing weight.

Nutrients – what diet tips are there?

In addition to sufficient nutrient intake, we also have other tips for healthy weight loss for you, which you can easily integrate into your everyday life:

Sufficient liquid – but please the right

From today, write sodas and alcohol on your no-go list and replace them with at least. 2.5 litres of clear water and tea. VABO-N FIERCE and VABO-N ESSENTIALS are not only allowed in terms of nutrient supply, but are even recommended. Beware of the smoothie trap! If you eat a smoothie, you often think only something to drink, although in reality you eat up to two portions of fruit and vegetables within a very short time.

Up and down again and again – movement in everyday life

Make the stairs your new best friend and replace elevators or escalators. This not only trains your heart, but also makes for a crisp butt. Or: Let your car stand for shorter distances more often. Because with only four by 30 minutes of walking (fast walking) a week – with a constant diet – you can lose up to 8.2 kg in one year!

Only those who know where they want to get there will also arrive – setting goals

Short-term goals in particular help not to lose motivation on the long road to becoming a summer figure. But so that you never lose sight of the final goal, try it out with a photo on the refrigerator, which depicts you at leaner figure times.

Sounds paradoxical, but it’s not – relaxation

Stress and too little sleep are one of the main causes of the superfluous cushions. So pay attention to a healthy sleep hygiene and try yoga – that’s how you beat two flies with one stone: relaxation of the mind and training of the body.

Do you have a special weight loss tip? Let us know in the form of a small comment!