Customer testimonials



“I am an avid runner and have also participated in many races. Due to the intense training, I often had cramps. I often got magnesium and calcium from the pharmacy. I had to take higher and higher doses, but nothing helped. Then I got to know VABO-N Fierce. After just the first pack, the cramps were completely gone and never came back.”


Nordrein-Westfalen, Deutschland

“My husband and I have been taking VABO-N ESSENTIALS daily for many years. Regular blood checks show that we are very well supplied, as a result we no longer need headache medication in the house. Also, since then we very rarely have a cold, and when we do, it’s gone quickly!”



“APEX is my personal highlight of the year. After less than 11 weeks I have already lost 10kg and a dress size! An indescribable feeling. I am sooo thankful that APEX exists!”



“Since I have to work regularly with various disinfectants in my job, my hands have suffered a lot in the past. However, after trying BLOSSOM and RENEW, I noticed a significant improvement after just a few weeks. My skin has calmed and relaxed.”



“For many years I was plagued by problems with constant fatigue and rapid exhaustion. A friend finally recommended VABO-N products to me and after using FIERCE and OH!MEGA for three months, I suddenly felt like a changed person. I had full energy again and experienced a normal fatigue that I had not known for a long time.”

Frequent questions from customers

VABO-N produces natural food supplements.
In addition to VABO-N ESSENTIALS, the VABO-N formula is also available in the form of VABO-N FIERCE, a tasty, lightly carbonated power drink in a can, which provides a gentle energy kick with caffeine from guarana.

VABO-N APEX is our natural dietary supplement drink for sports with ingredients that optimally support you in muscle building and fat loss, are good for your cartilage, increase your performance and give you an extra kick of energy.

VABO-N OH!MEGA is our omega-3 optimizer and provides you with 600 mg omega-3, including 362 mg DHA and 148 mg EPA, optimally in just one jelly with the necessary fatty acids and thus supports your heart, brain, vision and much more.

VABO-N BLOSSOM is our Beauty Optimizer – for natural & long-lasting beauty. A drink with study-based 4-D beauty complex that works on all dimensions of your beauty: Skin, Hair, Nails & Connective Tissue.

VABO-N RENEW is our Spermidine Booster with 1.2 mg spermidine from Austrian buckwheat seedling powder and zinc. Pure anti-aging – for you and your cells.

Are you looking for a natural dietary supplement that will conveniently and reliably provide you with optimal nutrition on a daily basis? Then VABO- N ESSENTIALS is the right thing for you. 33 ml of our healthy Vital Drink covers 100% and more of the daily requirement of 12 vitamins and contains natural minerals & trace elements as well as a powerful phytococktail of valuable plant substances.

Are you looking for a natural dietary supplement that will provide you with optimal nutrition on a daily basis, while providing you with sustainable & honest energy throughout the day? Then you should get VABO-N FIERCE. The healthy power drink provides you with all the benefits of VABO-N ESSENTIALS and pushes you, thanks to guarana, sustainable.

Are you looking for a natural dietary supplement for athletes? Then we recommend VABO-N APEX. Your sports nutritional supplement for muscle building and fat loss. Ensures maximum success on the way to the dream body. Pushes your endurance during training and your recovery afterwards. Your sporty all-in-one drink with worldwide unique collagen content.

Are you looking for a natural dietary supplement that provides you with enough omega-3 fatty acids every day and also tastes super MEGA delicious fruity? Then we suggest you VABO-N OH!MEGA to the heart! Omega-3 Optimizer provides you with 600 mg of omega-3, including 362 mg of DHA and 148 mg of EPA, in just one jelly, while supporting your heart and brain function, as well as your vision and normal blood pressure. In addition, VABO-N OH!MEGA contributes to normal blood lipid levels and supports eye and brain development in the fetus and breastfed infant.

Are you looking for a natural supplement that will make your beauty shine even brighter? Then VABO-N BLOSSOM is the right product for you. A beauty drink with study-based active ingredient complex – for radiant skin, firmer body, shiny hair & strong nails.

You want to grow old but stay young? Then you should try VABO-N RENEW. Two Nobel Prizes and decades of research packed into delicious soft gums for your daily ration of anti-aging.

VABO-N ESSENTIALS also supports you optimally during pregnancy!

If the doctor allows one cup of coffee a day, VABO-N FIERCE (80 mg caffeine content) is absolutely recommended. Why? It contains choline, which many gynecologists like to recommend during pregnancy because it contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism.

VABO-N APEX can of course also be drunk if caffeine is allowed.

VABO-N OH!MEGA even supports the development of eyes and brain in the fetus and breastfed infant and can therefore be taken during pregnancy – nevertheless, the intake should be clarified in advance with the doctor!

According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), there are no health concerns or restrictions for pregnant women with any ingredient of VABO-N BLOSSOM – nevertheless, the intake should be discussed with the doctor in advance!

With the concentrated power of the VABO-N product family! To optimally strengthen your immune system, we recommend a combination of VABO-N ESSENTIALS/FIERCE, APEX & OH!MEGA.

VABO-N ESSENTIALS & FIERCE provide you with an ALL-IN-ONE basic supply of 12 vitamins, minerals, trace elements and many other important nutrients to ensure a strong immune system!

VABO-N APEX contains, among other things, soluble fiber in addition to numerous B vitamins, which are essential for the intestine and intestinal flora and thus also strengthen the immune system – because the intestine and immune system are only strong together!

VABO-N OH!MEGA and the high dosage of omega-3 contained in it strengthens your heart function and thus also your cardiovascular system! This in turn provides the body with important nutrients and oxygen and thus supports the immune system in its work.

How you can still strengthen your immune system – you can find out on our blog!

VABO-N products are natural supplements that help the body function optimally. That doesn’t happen overnight. We are made up of around 70 trillion cells. Each individual cell is a small marvel in which billions of chemical and electrical processes are constantly taking place. In order to function optimally, the cells need sufficient tools i.e. nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and so-called secondary plant substances. The quality of our lifestyle naturally influences the quality of the cell and thus its ability to function. After about 90 days, a large proportion of our cells have renewed at least once. Therefore, when making a change towards a healthier lifestyle, we should be consistent for at least three months – even if we don’t feel the improvement immediately, because it is only after this time that the effects on your health and therefore your well-being become apparent. You can also do blood work and then repeat it after 3 months and after 6 months. This makes the difference even more tangible.

Only bioactive nutrients are used in VABO-N products. This ensures high bioavailability and absorption. Initial study results with VABO-N show high bioavailability of the tested ingredients.

VABO-N ESSENTIALS and FIERCE are certified vegan.
To meet the vegan requirement, vitamin D3, for example, is obtained from algae.

VABO-N APEX is not vegan because our natural dietary supplement for athletes also contains collagen peptides and these cannot be obtained from plants.

VABO-N OH!MEGA is also not vegan, because the omega-3 optimizer consists of fish oil concentrate. Thus, the high concentration of 362 mg DHA and 148 mg EPA, which our product has, can be guaranteed and thus allows a delicious fruity taste.

VABO-N BLOSSOM is not vegan due to the specific collagen peptides it contains, which cannot be obtained from plants. At this point, however, it should be mentioned that the hyaluronic acid contained in VABO-N BLOSSOM is vegan – this is especially good, because animal hyaluronic acid more often causes allergic reactions!

The VABO-N RENEW Soft Gums are vegan – free of gelatine!

Yes, VABO-N natural supplements are highly dosed, because each serving of our products provides you with the optimal recommended daily dose. VABO-N APEX even offers you the highest collagen content worldwide. VABO-N OH!MEGA also has a uniquely high omega-3 fatty acid content with its 600 mg omega-3, including 362 mg DHA and 148 mg EPA, per jelly.

Because we want to offer you natural supplements that you can rely on 100%.

Our natural supplements are free from allergens.
You will also find NO artificial sweeteners, colors & flavors, gluten, soy or GMOs in our products.

At VABO-N, we take our job very seriously and place the highest value on raw materials of the highest quality. That’s why the acerola in our products is organic quality and comes from a dedicated Brazilian family farm that specializes in producing high-quality herbal products. The aloe vera contained in VABO-N is also organically grown and only the inside of the leaf is used.

To make our nutritional supplements as natural as possible, we develop, together with leading doctors and scientists, formulas in harmony with nature, following the principle of natural life. That’s why you’ll find plant-based minerals and trace elements as well as numerous natural vitamins and secondary plant compounds from valuable superfruits such as mangosteen, aloe vera, acerola and resveratrol in our dietary supplements.

The beverage can is the most recycled packaging in the world! And not only that.

The can is a smart packaging – that’s why we chose the aluminum can for VABO-N FIERCE and APEX as well. We pack only the best and most precious ingredients in our products, and the aluminum can protects them most reliably from air and light, preventing them from losing quality during storage and transportation. In addition, cans are easy to transport, cool quickly and save space – and with the right design they also look really chic. But the best thing is clearly the fact that a can can be recycled an infinite number of times WITHOUT loss of quality. That’s why the beverage can is also the most recycled packaging in the world.

Of course, the inside of the can is coated so that the contents do not come into contact with it.

It’s easy: Our online store offers a wide range of single and cheaper combo packs for you to choose from. Add the product of your choice to the shopping cart. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to register as a customer or brand ambassador during the checkout process. If you are already a customer or brand ambassador, you can also click on “Login” at the top right of the store and log in with your user data.

By the way, we additionally offer the possibility to place a monthly subscription order in contrast to a one-time order, where no shipping costs are incurred (in contrast to € 6 shipping costs for a one-time order).

Go to our website Click Log In, enter your username or email address and your password below. In the back office you will find all the necessary information.

  • High-quality, science-based nutritional supplements in refined dosage form.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free shipping to all countries with subscription order
  • Convenient and safe shopping
  • Fast delivery
  • Insured shipping

This is an automatic monthly shipment of a product selected with us, it remains active until cancelled. The plus point: any shipping costs are eliminated with this option.

This can be done at any time, either online in the back office or by sending written feedback to our support team at It’s as simple as this: Log in to the back office, then switch to the “Subscription Order” tab at the top of the bar. By clicking on the white button “Cancellation”, this is now set to inactive and thus offers the possibility of a quick resumption at any time.

If this is not desired, please select “Delete” afterwards.

Of course. To do this, log into your personal back office and select the “Subscription Order” tab. After clicking the “Edit” button on the top right, you will find a corresponding selection option under “Date of next subscription order editing”. As soon as you have entered your desired date, select “Preview & Save” at the end of the page and after a short check, the desired changes to your order will be visible with a click on “Save”.

For future orders, the delivery and billing address can be adjusted online at any time in the personal account under “Profile” at “Delivery address for newly created orders” or “Billing address”. Please note that an update for an existing subscription order will not be done automatically. However, by switching to the “Subscription Order” tab at the top and pressing the “Change” button and then entering “Save”, this is quickly done.

If you need to change the address you have entered in “Account details”, please notify us in writing at”.

If the recipient is not found during the delivery attempt, the selected transport company GLS or Post will be notified either in writing or by mail.

A second option is to issue a drop-off permit for packages delivered in your absence. However, you must obtain this authorization independently from GLS/Post.

We do not offer pickup in the store.

If you have any further questions about receiving the package, our support team will be happy to help you.

Yes, because the tracking number of your package can always be viewed in your own back office under “Reports” and “Orders”. This can be entered on the carrier’s website for verification. The corresponding links are:

Maybe the checkbox in the backoffice under “Profile” and “Personal Information” is not set or our notifications are classified as spam. To be on the safe side, please also check if the correct mail address is saved under “Profile” or “Account Information”. If this is the case, or if your e-mail address has changed, please inform us in writing at “”.

Here please log in to the backoffice first and switch to the “Profile” tab. Afterwards, either the validity period of an existing card can be extended by clicking on the “Edit” button or a new credit card can be saved under “New Creditcard”.

If a current subscription order exists, no further step is required except for the extension of the validity. All changes are now already noted accordingly in the system and also for future deliveries.

If you would like to select a different payment method for your subscription order, first click on “Subscription Order” at the top and then on the “Change” button under “Payment Method” on the right. So you can select the pre-saved new credit card or alternatively use bank debit or PayPal by checking “Use New Payment Method” and then “Create New Payment”.

Don’t forget to save your changes in both cases!

Behind the “climate-neutral bottled” label is a clear mission: we take responsibility for the CO2 emissions that inevitably occur during production. The CO2 generated is carefully calculated and offset by targeted investments in climate protection projects.

To ensure that this contribution is used exclusively for climate protection projects, we leave the selection of suitable climate protection projects to experts who evaluate them in accordance with the conditions of environmental funding in Germany and internationally recognized standards. In this way, we ensure that our contribution is used exclusively for projects that have a demonstrable impact on environmental protection.

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