VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products


We deal with everything that is part of a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, looking for causes and thinking about solutions. In our lives, we have experienced firsthand how important it is to provide the body with the right nutrients of high quality. To have or not to have represents a huge difference that can change lives. But not only health, but also a certain income, contributes to a better and happier life. That’s why we founded VABO-N(Valuable Body Nutrition): A network marketing company that produces nutritional supplements to make a lasting difference in everyone’s lives.


VABO-N was founded in mid-2015 by the successful entrepreneurial couple Martin and Nina Dvoracek. The founders have been active in the field of nutritional supplements as well as network marketing since 2010 and look back on many years of experience and extensive know-how in this area. They attribute their success to a passion for health and healthy living, as well as product-based business development, intensive coaching, consistency and a leadership development lecture series. Today, VABO-N has thousands of satisfied customers and partners in more than 12 countries and a passionate, international team with flat hierarchies.

VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products
VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products


With our products we want to make the possibility of a simple all-round supply of their body with important nutrients accessible and affordable to people and thus support them in gaining and maintaining a vital lifestyle.
We believe that those people who love VABO-N are the best and, above all, the most honest advertisements for our products. That’s why we prefer to invest money that others spend on expensive advertising and market placements in our customers and partners – for the love of life. We would be happy if you support us in our mission and become a VABO-N customer or partner!


Swallow countless capsules or unpleasant oil? That’s history with VABO-N! Because VABO-N’s credo: Health can taste & be fun! And that even at high dosage! In addition to effective, high-dose add-on products packaged in incredibly delicious tasting jellies, VABO-N shines with its all-in-one products for drinking and puts an end to swallowing countless capsules! VABO-N works closely with leading scientists, physicians, nutrition experts, product developers and select suppliers – always on a mission to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible at the highest level.

VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products
VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products


Every single ingredient is checked for quality and safety before processing according to a precise test plan. The production & filling of our VABO-N products takes place in ultra-modern, certified facilities, which are continuously tested for perfect functionality, so that our high quality standards are always guaranteed. Of course, a decisive criterion for us is also how the people involved in the long chain from raw material to finished product are doing. That is why we take a close look at our suppliers and, in case of doubt, have them checked by independent institutes for compliance with national and international guidelines.


The extra plus point of VABO-N: The fun factor!
VABO-N products taste delicious, are super easy to take, look stylish & motivating and are designed with love even down to the smallest detail of the packaging. Because we know from our own experience how much taste and simplicity are decisive for how consistently (or not) one feeds oneself the daily dose of well-being.

VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products