Say goodbye to the old year, welcome the new!

Good resolutions were yesterday. A spirited year-end and New Year’s reception for conscious people is today! Quickly writing down good resolutions on the 31st is, as you know, not very useful. Far too quickly they are usually forgotten again. That’s why we’re taking a more informed approach this year – more sustainable, if you will.

Say goodbye to the old year, welcome the new!

We will start with a retrospective, which will enable us to successfully embark on 2018 well equipped to then set conscious goals for our 2018, which will then accompany us beyond January.

1. review the year 2017!

The year flew by and soooo incredibly much has happened? Often, at the end of the year, we feel that the months, days and hours have just flown by. All the more reason for us to use the end of the year to turn inward, look back and review 2017. Consciously visualizing the good and difficult things, situations, moments and feelings of the past year can provide you with valuable insights that will ensure that 2018 is even more successful – on all levels! Taking a close look at what went well and what didn’t go so well will help you learn more about yourself. It shows you where you might have gone in new directions, what you should have held on to harder, or what you should have let go of sooner – an optimal foundation next year to do things differently and keep working on yourself! But what is the best way to do this? Go into yourself, reflect on experiences, question changes, recall drastic experiences – whether vacations with friends, private strokes of fate, relaxing family celebrations or professional challenges. Not quite sure how to get started? What questions can you ask yourself now at the end of the year? What should you be concerned about? Here are a few thought-provoking inputs. Think about each question for 3 minutes. Set an alarm clock. Do not move on to the next question before time runs out – even if you can’t think of anything else. One or the other surprising answer is sure to come! Write down all the answers.

  • What was important and valuable this year?
  • What have you learned?
  • What successes have you celebrated? What might you have failed at?
  • When did you rise above yourself?
  • Which people in your environment have helped you get ahead? What people were dragging you down?
  • What did you spend the most time doing this year? Did it make you happy and/or move you forward?
  • What are you grateful for?

If you have made yourself aware of what made you happy in the past year and what made you less happy, you have already created a solid basis to start with the preparations and plans for the coming year. Because that way, you won’t make the same mistakes again in the new year, and you might do more of the good.

2. prepare for 2018! Set goals & make plans!

The millionaire and the beggar – they have the same number of days at their disposal. The question is, what do you make of it? 365 new days, 365 new opportunities, 365 new ways to make 2018 your year! A new year offers you the opportunity to grow beyond yourself, achieve new (or old) goals, drive change, and create space for advancement. What do you want to accomplish in the new year? Clearly defined goals help you get the most out of your precious lifetime. Again, as with the review, set your alarm for 3 minutes per question. Write down any answers that come to mind during this time. Let’s go! Here’s how to make 2018 YOUR year:

  • What have you been putting off for a while and want to tackle in the new year?
  • What exactly do you want to be able to do in a year that you can’t do today?
  • Who or what do you want to devote more time to and why?
  • What good do you want to do for yourself?
  • What do you want to achieve or change in your private and professional life?
  • What is going well and should continue as before?

The answers you develop for yourself should not, as is usually the case with resolutions, quietly disappear again in the new year or be postponed to the next year. Therefore: Hang your answer list in a place where you will always be reminded of it! Our additional tip for VABO-N brand ambassadors: Use this opportunity to review the year in your team and plan for the new one. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insights together. It makes you see many things clearly and makes you collectively proud of the work you’ve done. Beautiful experiences can be recalled in this way and promote cohesion. With a common goal, you also pull from the beginning on the same rope into the new year! Like this! Now it’s your turn: get the most out of your year!