7 anti-aging myths put to the test

Aging is a battle we all face, and there are countless products being developed to tap into all of our vanity – and our wallets. But what really brings something? What anti-aging products, promises myths are really effective? Many make big promises but deliver few visible results.

The skin aging process is genetically determined.

Partly true! Yes, DNA definitely plays a role in the outward appearance of the aging process. But external influences and also internal influences can significantly manipulate the aging process. Both in one direction and in the other.

Negative factors: Sun exposure is a skin aging driver in a class of its own. Especially if you let it get to the point of sunburn. Never forget – the skin does not forget a sunny hour. A twin study of a nun (never exposed to the sun) and her identical twin sister substantiate this statement.

But negative stress also makes us age faster. This leads to increased cortisol levels, which in turn can trigger premature destruction of collagen and elastin. The negative influence of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption probably need not be mentioned.

Positive factors: Nutrient-rich nutrition is not only beneficial to health, but thus, of course, to our good looks. If we give our skin the tools (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, etc.) it needs to be pretty for us, it will. Because our body strives for perfection – you just have to give it the chance to get as close as possible. Also the beauty sleep (daily sufficient amount of sleep) is not a myth but truly beneficial to beauty.

Conclusion: Our DNA does not entirely determine our fate. You can’t stop the wheel of time completely, but you can slow it down by doing a lot of the right things and very little of the wrong things. And Coco Chanel already said that a woman ages the way she deserves to – this also applies to men, by the way.


Drinking water is overrated.

Wrong! Sufficient hydration is essential for functional skin cells. If the body lacks fluids, the water content is first reduced in the skin cells (vital organs are always preferred!), so that the skin looks tired and flabby and loses tension. But not only for the appearance of the body but also for its health is important abundant water supply! Again, the point is that it makes the nutrient supply work better. Depending on how much exercise you do, you should drink two to three liters of water a day. Unsweetened teas are also a good option. Especially green tea has positive anti-aging properties. The tannins it contains scavenge free radicals caused by environmental influences, stress, poor diet or smoking, for example.

Fruits and vegetables keep you fit and young.

True! Healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals is important to stay fit and young. Particular importance should be attached to an abundant intake of antioxidants, as these neutralize free radicals, which are increasingly produced by everyday stress, negative environmental influences, aclohol consumption and smoking. But the secondary plant compounds are also quite something. Resveratrol, for example, has strong antioxidant properties that are due to the polyphenols it contains. These are the natural defenses of plants that are released in response to stress. Or the xanthones, which are mainly contained in the mangosteen and are among the most powerful secondary plant substances. It is not for nothing that all these can be found in VABO-N ESSENTIALS.

Lutein, in turn, protects against the harmful effects of sun exposure. These are included in VABO-N BLOSSOM. With dietary supplements, you should always make sure that they are as natural as possible!

Facial exercises help against wrinkles.

Partly true! Many facial yoga exercises and the like can make wrinkles worse. Why – you only have to look in the mirror during the exercises – then you have the answer. However, facial gymnastics, if done correctly – i.e. wrinkle-preventing – can also plump up the face by building muscle. This requires immense consistency. Against the loss of collagen and elastin, of course, no exercise can grow. The only thing that helps is to take collagen and anti-aging nutrients. For example, contained in VABO-N BLOSSOM.

In the shade or on rainy days, you can do without sunscreen.

Wrong! Skin care specialists call daily application of sunscreen one of the best and easiest anti-aging and wrinkle prevention techniques. The best way to prevent visual signs of aging is to use a day cream with UV protection. And don’t forget – the face ends with beauty insiders only below the décolleté ;-).

Sport extends the lifespan.

True. – Numerous studies show the positive effect of moderate endurance exercise on heart health and breast cancer prevention. Regular exercise is a true health-keeper and fountain of youth for the body. Especially endurance sports like running or cycling mobilize the whole body because it is properly supplied with oxygen.

Important: for a positive, health effect, you should ensure at least 20 minutes for a moderately higher pulse rate and sweat a little. This improves blood circulation throughout the body, mobilizing the transport of nutrients to and harmful substances from even more remote parts of the body. The better the nutrient supply – the better the functions of the body. Better supplied cells divide “more intelligently” resulting in better functioning cells. Gentle strength training, by the way, stimulates hormone production and also gets the metabolism going.

Spermidine slows down the aging process.

True! Spermidine is a substance that revs up our body’s cellular cleansing and cellular waste recycling. This process of repairing cell damage and thus protecting our cells from premature cell death is called autophagy. A well-functioning autophagy slows down the aging process in a natural way. Spermidine, which is needed daily, is produced by the body while we are young. From the age of 30, the vitality of our cells starts to decline. Since spermidine can also be absorbed through food, it is particularly useful from then on to eat spermidine-rich food in a targeted manner. Wheat germ and soybeans, mushrooms, peas and corn as well as celery or lettuce contain particularly high levels of spermidine. However, to stimulate the autophagy process, you can also fast for 14 hours. Or you can simply enjoy 3 delicious VABO-N RENEW Soft Gums a day and take the study-proven effective dose of 1.2 mg spermidine.