9 tips against your afternoon slump!

Do you know it? In the course of the day, around 4 p.m. at the latest, it suddenly appears – the nasty afternoon slump. The feeling of well-being is gone, one feels listless and unmotivated. How you don’t give the afternoon slump a chance, we have summarized in Tips & Tricks.
Read right through and give the next afternoon slump the cold shoulder and get your “all day long” well-being back!


1. with a reasonable lunch.

Heavy foods, such as schnitzel and French fries, are taboo. The body needs too much energy to digest them. And it is precisely this that is missing from a completely different organ – namely your brain. It is better to use protein sources such as white meat and fish, because they keep you full for a long time, are easy to digest and support our cells in their work. Add some vegetables and/or salad and a light lunch is created. You can find more great recipes that are good for your body in our book “The VABO-N APEX Concept“.

2. with the right snacks.

When the afternoon slump hits, we often think we need sweets. This is because our blood sugar levels are in the basement. But, anyone who resorts to sweets now is not doing themselves any favors. The sugar it contains does cause our blood sugar level to skyrocket, but the problem is that it drops again all the faster and the next low is already rolling in. Therefore: Stay strong and ignore the chocolate wish, because otherwise you’ll soon have a few more kilos on your hips – and that’s the last thing you want, isn’t it? Alternative? Go for healthy snacks like nuts, because they’re full of power ingredients that help your brain do its job, or just treat yourself to a VABO-N ESSENTIALS or FIERCE.

3. with a large glass of cold water.

Yes, it sounds trite, but it helps! Sufficient fluid intake (at least 2 liters daily) is relevant for your blood circulation and oxygen supply to your head and body. You feel the first signs of fatigue during the day? This may be due to a lack of water, as this causes your body to slowly shut down its functions to protect itself. Quickly grab a glass of water and your battery will be recharged and you can give it your all again.

4. with fresh air.

Even half an hour in the fresh air has a positive effect on your ability to concentrate – a study by the University of Birmingham has even shown this. For this purpose, 56 subjects were divided into two groups. One of them was sent for a so-called “lunch walk” for 30 minutes every day for ten weeks. Afterwards, they had to answer questions about their state of mind, and lo and behold, the study participants who had been out in the fresh air and filled up on oxygen around lunchtime were consistently more optimistic that they could handle the remaining work for the day. Those who did not engage in physical activity and were out in the fresh air felt unmotivated and overwhelmed. If a short walk in the fresh air does not work out, then at least do not forget about regular airing.

5. with vitamins & minerals.

Why? Because these push energy metabolism and help reduce fatigue and fatigue. Important roles play: Vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid and the mineral magnesium. You can easily find 100% of your daily needs in VABO-N ESSENTIALS and FIERCE. For example, vitamin B12 is not only important for energy metabolism, but is also used to form healthy red blood cells. These are needed to transport oxygen throughout the body. If the body lacks oxygen, we become tired and sluggish. VABO-N ESSENTIALS and FIERCE support you in the fight against fatigue.

6. with short sports sessions.

Exercise can not only prevent you from an afternoon slump, but it can also get you out of it once it’s already hit you. When you’re active, your body releases happy hormones, your brain’s oxygen supply and blood circulation are stimulated – helping you stay awake. But when workdays are once again packed, there’s usually no time for a full workout. Fortunately, even small bursts of exercise help – just do jumping jacks, crunches or step-ups on an armchair in between.

7. with light.

In the cold season, the sun sets earlier and thus it usually gets dark in the office already in the afternoon. And in the dark, our body automatically switches to night mode and produces more melatonin. The sleep hormone ensures that we quickly become tired. So, as soon as you notice that it’s starting to get dark in the office, turn on the lights. It may not be quite as effective as real daylight, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

8. with certain smells.

Sounds funny, but it helps. Because pungent odors make you perk up again. Aromatherapists advise essential oils. Especially Blue Eucalyptus or Peppermint stimulate your nervous system and blood flow in your brain. But also the mixture of a few drops of rosemary with jojoba oil can work wonders – smell it or simply rub it on the forehead and temples.

9. with relaxation exercises.

Anyone who has to sit a lot in their job knows the problem. At some point in the afternoon, sitting with concentration is no longer possible. The muscles in the neck slowly tighten and start to ache. Relaxation exercises can not only help solve this problem, but also increase blood circulation and promote concentration. What exercise helps? Simply lower your head as if you were touching the sternum with your chin, opening your chest and pushing your shoulders down. Another helpful exercise is to move your head and neck in a circular motion for about 20 seconds. You’ll notice, loosened muscles allow oxygen to flow better – directly to your brain!