Bach feelings!

Stomach and intestines are not only responsible for our digestion! New research reveals that they also affect our moods. With a balanced diet and a few simple tips, everyone can make a positive contribution. We know that stress and unhappy (life) situations hit the stomach. However, research increasingly assumes that there are also umgeverse, there is an interaction. In short, that the condition of the intestine affects the physical and mental well-being.

With a few simple tips, you can take care of these important digestive organs:

  • Drink plenty of water! Diluted fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas are also good for the intestines
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables: best spread over several portions throughout the day – raw or gently cooked
  • The intestine needs fiber, preferably in the form of salads, fruits, nuts and so-called pseudocereals (millet, quinoa, etc.)
  • Enjoy some foods only in moderation or not at all, for example: sugar, fat, meat & sausages.
  • Do not forget: Exercise is good for the gut!