Cell miracle

We demand a lot from our bodies every day! If you want to keep up with the rapid pace and environmental influences of our time fit and vital, you should also give him plenty – of the right! We are made up of around 70 trillion cells. Each one is a small marvel in which chemical and electrical processes are constantly taking place. Each cell has a detoxification system and even its own light for communication. For optimal functioning, the cells naturally need nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and so-called secondary plant compounds – as tools, so to speak, because each of these substances has its own function in the miracle of the cell. The topic of cell protection is also important! Today we are exposed to a lot of stress and so is our body: oxidative stress and also inflammatory, which causes silent inflammation, triggered by lack of sleep, obesity or environmental influences. This is also the cause of premature cell aging, which affects not only visible surface, but the whole body. To protect against these attacks, our body needs help from vital substances from nature. Secondary plant compounds such as isoflavones, resveratrol and xantone are true miracle weapons.

CONCLUSION: It is important to support our cells in the best possible way. Balanced nutrition rich in vital substances is the top priority here. In addition, experts such as gynecologist, anti-aging expert and book author Prof. Dr. Markus Metka also recommend considering natural and plant-based supplements with high bioavailability. After all, almost no one can manage the daily servings of fruits and vegetables that meet their needs in everyday life.

TIPS: EATING Behavior Objectively observe your eating behavior! Do you get the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day? START EARLY Start cell protection in time! The more mature we are, the more vulnerable our cells are. Therefore, one should start with active cell protection as early as possible. SPIRITUAL FOOD Pay attention to the spiritual food! When you engage in positive thoughts and things, it affects your physical state and vice versa. MOVEMENT Sufficient exercise is also essential! Get your circulation going. Because then the cells are better supplied and also better detoxified. Your connective tissue will thank us!