Who does not know this? As the day progresses, your energy dwindles and fatigue creeps over you. For many, reaching for coffee then quickly becomes a matter of course, but after a certain time no improvement is noticeable. Others can’t tolerate it, some don’t like it, and still others want a healthy alternative. What then? Ever heard of guarana? The plant from the Amazon region has three times more caffeine than the conventional coffee bean and is also a gentle alternative for slowly raising one’s energy level and being fit in a more sustainable way.

Guarana – the pick-me-up

Guarana belongs to the soap tree family, which grows mainly around Venezuela and Brazil. Centuries ago, Indians in the Amazon discovered the effect of guarana and used it even then in the medical field and body care. Incidentally, the name Guarana is derived from the indigenous Guaraní people and in some tribes is also called “wara”, which translates as “fruit of youth”.

In appearance, the plant is more like a shrub, which can grow up to 15 meters in height. The older the plant, the softer the branches become, so that they resemble lianas.
The red fruit contains bitter seeds rich in proteins and fats, with a high caffeine content, which also has a pick-me-up and invigorating effect. Unlike the coffee bean, this caffeine is distributed more slowly in the body and thus keeps fit longer. This is because the guaranine (caffeine) binds to the tannins, such as tannins. Only when the tannins are broken down in the body is the caffeine released.

The all-round talent

If you think guarana is just a good alternative to coffee, you’re wrong! It has many uses, including as a “hangover killer”! Due to its high caffeine content, which revs up the cardiovascular system, and its good tolerance, guarana is the perfect remedy to get rid of traces of last night.

Already in the 40s, the effect of guarana was recognized and used especially for diseases such as fever, headaches and cramps. Even today, these symptoms are treated with guarana, especially in naturopathy. In addition, the plant maintains the ability to concentrate and helps to feel energetic. In addition, it has a positive effect on digestion, promotes fat burning, supports alertness and reduces mental fatigue. *

Guarana is also popular in cosmetics. In shampoos, for example, it is used against greasy hair, hair loss and for more hair volume. It is also often said to invigorate the skin, which is why many anti-cellulite creams contain guarana.

Guarana as capsules, tea or dietary supplement

Guarana is now offered in the most diverse variations! On the one hand, they are available in tablet and capsule form for quick ingestion, and on the other hand, in beverages, especially energy drinks and teas. Guarana is also contained in food supplements, as in VABO-N FIERCE & APEX, in combination with other nutrients. This not only keeps you active due to the caffeine, but also provides the body with numerous other important nutrients to have honestly sustainable and healthy energy.


If you are not a coffee lover, react too strongly to it or no longer perceive any effect, you should simply try it with guarana! The healthy alternative to coffee not only serves as a pick-me-up, but also has numerous other benefits that are guaranteed not to harm your body. Ideally, guarana is taken in combination with vitamins and other nutrients that give the body honest sustainable energy. Just try it and see for yourself!


Guarana: effect of the caffeinated awakener

Guarana – The natural remedy for fatigue and lack of concentration

*Note to the product advertising text according to the European Health Claims Regulation: Guarana helps to feel more energetic, reduce mental fatigue and burn fat. In addition, guarana supports alertness, has a positive effect on digestion and caffeine helps improve concentration.