Just fill up on beauty!

Just fill up on beauty – that would be ideal, right? For centuries we humans have been searching for the secret recipe that will make us healthy, young and beautiful at any age. Good news: It’s no secret. When you turn a few cogs of health, it is also strongly expressed in the appearance. Our body thanks us: radiant complexion, fewer dark circles, better skin hydration, stronger fingernails and hair, and you can also say goodbye to cellulite. The simplest wheel here – with the right tools – is an optimal supply of nutrients. You don’t really think that’s going to help?

Our body also wants to be fertilized!

Just think of a lawn. It is obvious to everyone that this must be fertilized. But as soon as it comes to our bodies, this is no longer so self-evident. Now 5-8 minerals are enough for a lawn to grow well. We are, of course, much more complex. 13 vitamins, over 60 minerals and trace elements, and countless secondary plant compounds, amino acids and some fats – this is the toolbox for our health and thus our beauty.

VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products

Skin Heroes for beauty

Vitamin B(eauty)

The VABO-N formula also includes the group of B vitamins – the so-called vitamin B complex. With the vitamin B complex (which includes all 8 B vitamins) in VABO-N ESSENTIALS, FIERCE and APEX, sallow skin, dull hair and flabby connective tissue due to vitamin B deficiency don’t stand a chance!
Because vitamin B2 (riboflavin) plays an important role in metabolism and contributes to normal skin, vitamin B3 (niacin) helps skin, muscles and nerves to regenerate, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) supports the formation of connective tissue, hair and nails, vitamin B7 (biotin) influences numerous metabolic processes and promotes the growth of skin, hair and nerve tissue, vitamin B9 (folic acid) takes care of cell growth and thus cell renewal as an “anti-aging vitamin”, and vitamin B12 assumes an important function in cell division.
In addition, vitamin A (maintaining normal skin) and zinc (for beautiful, strong hair, nails and skin) also contribute to external beauty.

Beauty nutrients from the primordial nature

The human body is built for the “primordial food” on our planet, which contains up to 70 minerals and trace elements. Each one of these minerals and (ultra) trace elements is involved in tens of metabolic processes of the body, which are not only important for our health, but of course also for our beauty. Only a healthy body has the optimal capacity to ensure that hair, skin, nails and connective tissue are at their best. Logical, right?

The problem: In modern agriculture, fertilizers are usually 6 minerals, and our food has been grown for decades on the same soil. The result? Food that has long since ceased to contain the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as in prehistoric times. This is where VABO-N ESSENTIALS and FIERCE come in: they contain over 60 minerals and trace elements, obtained from prehistoric plant material. Through the “predigestion” by plants, the mineral elements become optimally bioavailable for our body and thus become valuable beauty nutrients from primordial nature. Selenium, for example, strengthens hair and nails in particular, and magnesium takes care of muscle function and cell division. Copper also plays an important role: it contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue and is involved in the formation of the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the natural coloring of our hair.

Boost collagen does the trick!

After the age of 25, collagen production in our body starts to slow down. Why does this scratch our itch? Because our skin is made up of over 80% collagen, whose fibers in the dermis (middle layer of the skin) form a kind of scaffolding that supports the skin. If collagen production decreases, the skin and connective tissue lose stability and firmness.

VABO-N GmbH - Natural food supplement products

This is why collagen is often an ingredient in expensive anti-aging creams, which are supposed to plump up wrinkles and tighten the body when applied externally. But collagen works mainly from the inside. In fact, it is the structural provider of our body and is found everywhere: in skin (75%), tendons (85%), cartilage (70%), tendon muscles (6%), ligaments (70%) and bones (organic bone mass). And did you know that vitamin C helps build collagen?

So we chose our Body Optimizer APEX not only because of its extraordinary and study-proven effect on muscle growth and fat loss, but also because no other protein source additionally triggers collagen formation in the body like our bioactive collagen peptides. In combination with vitamin C, this is the purest beauty weapon and incidentally also ensures a firmer connective tissue – so, bye bye cellulite!

By the way, we have the highest amount of bioactive collagen peptides in the world in our product, 17 grams. This in combination with 15 other effective ingredients makes APEX a World Leading Product.

Stay beautiful: simple, delicious and practical

“Beauty comes from within” is therefore not an empty phrase. There’s a lot of truth behind it: Proper nutrient intake plays an essential role in delaying the aging process and boosting our natural beauty. With VABO-N you rely on the concentrated power of nature and soon radiate from the inside out. Refuel beauty? But of course you can! With VABO-N, good nutrient supply is also really fun!