Keep calm and recycle

Turn old into new! Recycling is the reprocessing and reuse of “waste” for new products. The concept is not new: it was already done by the ancient Romans. Scrap metal collectors walked the streets looking for recyclables. Metal and glass were melted down and reworked – that is why archaeologists today hardly find objects made of these materials in ancient households. But why is recycling actually done? Quite simply, raw materials such as coal, metals, oil and wood are in limited supply on earth. Recycling creates a cycle that ensures these raw materials are not wasted, but reused.

As a health- and environmentally-conscious company, the topic of recycling is naturally also close to our hearts. That is why we are now an official partner of the EVERY DOSE COUNTS initiative. Sustainability and recycling play an essential role for us – after all, even
and APEX are also produced in recyclable cans!

Why cans as packaging?

The beverage can is a smart packaging – that’s why we at
we have opted for the aluminum can. We pack only the best and most precious ingredients in our products, and the aluminum can protects them most reliably from air and light, preventing them from losing quality during storage and transportation. In addition, cans are easy to transport, cool quickly and save space – and with the right design they also look really chic. But the best thing is clearly the fact that a can can be recycled an infinite number of times WITHOUT loss of quality. That’s why the beverage can is also the most recycled packaging in the world.

What is the benefit of recycling?

Fun fact: In just 60 days, an old beverage can can become a new one! In concrete terms, this means an energy saving of 95%. In other words, melting down an existing aluminum can requires only 5% of the energy that would otherwise be needed to produce a new one. Figuratively speaking, one recycled can saves enough energy to run a TV for four hours, for example.

Here are a few more examples of what recycling can do: