Slim through the winter!

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder, the summer clothes are slowly moving back into the back corners of the closet – where they will have to stay for a while from now on. Along with the clothes, the thought of the personal dream body is also moving further and further away. After all, who really wants to do outdoor sports in the rain and cold? Or even to do without all the delicious Christmas cookies? BUT: why not keep the hard-won summer figure with a few simple tricks over the winter or in the best case still optimize? Next summer is coming for sure! That’s why we’re revealing our 3 favorite GOOD TO KNOWs to help you get through the winter lean.

1. ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients and avoid cravings!

The temptation is rarely greater than over the Christmas period – cookies here, mulled wine there and the hearty roast there. Sweet and fatty lurks everywhere! Then, if your body lacks nutrients, you’ll find it even harder to resist. Because nutrient deficiencies conjure up cravings and appetites for unhealthy foods. Indeed, when our body lacks nutrients, it reacts with the command “EAT!”. For example, he means vitamin D, vitamin B12 and magnesium, but we understand cookies, mulled wine and roast pork. To ensure the optimal supply of your body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances also during the winter months, we recommend you
. The plus point: This way you also guarantee a sufficient supply of the happiness and sun hormone vitamin D – which usually comes much too short with decreasing sunlight in winter!

2. face the cold temperatures and defeat the inner pig!

There are so some nicer ideas than stepping outside the front door at minus 2 degrees and getting active. Right? But why should you do it anyway? The colder temperatures boost your metabolism and even more fat is burned – bringing you closer to your dream body even faster during the winter months! So, wrap up warm, grab your favorite music and get out into nature! The physical activity also lifts your mood and the fresh air strengthens your immune system! So stepping outside the door pays off double and triple!

3. lose weight without starving!

Even by making very small changes in your choice of winter dishes and ingredients, you can reduce your calorie intake: You can easily replace dumplings with potatoes, eat goose without the greasy skin, replace duck with chicken, and use milk instead of cream in sauces. When it comes to side dishes, feel free to use seasonal vegetables more often. Both as a raw food, but also in the steamed state, it has few carbohydrates, no fat at all, but valuable nutrients. In addition, you can eat a lot of it with a clear conscience and stay full for a long time. A little tip for baking Christmas cookies: Simply use half of the butter and replace the rest with applesauce. Thus, you use less fat and the cookies get a smooth consistency and retain their moisture. By using whole wheat flour instead of white flour, you’re also creating an even healthier alternative! If you want even more tips around the topic of “healthy lifestyle” – no matter what time of the year it is – then check out

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