Summer well-being – this is how your perfect summer succeeds!

Everything is already in summer mood and you are full of energy, but you don’t have a plan yet how to spend your summer? We’ve put together 10 tips for you that are sure to make your summer a hit!


The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer – if that’s not a reason to enjoy the summer days to the fullest! Whether a walk in the Schönbrunn Gardens, a delicious cocktail in one of the many open-air lounges, a visit to the Salzburg Festival, hiking excursion in Carinthia or a rafting tour in Styria: The tourist paradise of Austria really leaves nothing to be desired!


The body, in order to function well, needs many vital substances. Under five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, you have no chance of being adequately supplied. Of course, preferably from organic cultivation. Extremely hot today & not in the mood for an even hotter meal? Conjure up a delicious summer salad! And if you absolutely want to get your figure in shape: Make sure you get enough nutrients even when losing weight – for example with VABO-N ESSENTIALS. Delicious summer drink variations can also be prepared with VABO-N ESSENTIALS. For example, sprayed with mineral water, add a little mint and elderberry juice – delicious! Or simply VABO-N ON THE ROCKS!


Everyone is happy: The cold season is finally over and also the friends want to go out! The best time to maintain your friendships – but not on Facebook! Surely there are things you already wanted to do this year, for example one of the many bike tours around the Danube & Lake Neusiedl, visit one of the trendy summer festivals or organize a barbecue party in your garden. Grab your friends & let’s go for summer fun!


Have you already had a look at the 2016 lookbooks? Often you change hairstyle when fundamental things change in life. But does it have to be? Do it the other way around: forgo big changes and simply welcome the summer with a new haircut!


Your soul life is one of the most important things of all! Therefore, it should not be maltreated with self-insults. Naturalness and real curves are very trendy! So the first step towards the dream figure is to relax. That doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight – but it will certainly be easier with less pressure. And here, too, the following applies: Always make sure you have a sufficient supply of nutrients!


Speaking of soul life: stress makes you old – that much is certain! After all, the hormones released were originally intended only for brief acute use. In our constant stress, we are constantly pouring them out. This has been proven to attack our cells! There are umpteen methods to manage stress. On alone you can find over 4000 books on this topic. Find your personal way out of the stress trap. Summer is also the ideal season for this! And of course, your daily stout of VABO-N ESSENTIALS helps your body deal with stress. The antioxidants contained fight free radicals, which occur during stress.


Known it all, experienced it all – there are more uplifting thoughts. Here we agree with Socrates, who said, “He who thinks he is something has ceased to become something.” Development is always more fun than standing still. So get out of the habit trap!


Heard a hundred times? That’s it, now just listen to it! At least two liters a day should be. Abundant water ensures better transport of nutrients to the cells and better removal of waste products. Especially in summer we have an increased need for fluids due to the heat and at the same time more activity! So: drink up!


Everyday movement is often underestimated. For many, it’s the only movement left between parking, office & home. It is therefore all the more important to pay more attention to it and to fill small gaps in movement – for example, to use the stairs more, to do a few movement exercises in the office (also good for the back!), to go out briefly at lunchtime, to choose a longer parking route or to leave the car parked more often in summer!


You know the saying that life is serious enough anyway? Let’s allow more fun, joy and little craziness! Kids run through the sprinkler system with enthusiasm. We adults don’t – mostly out of convenience. At the same time, simple things can be a lot of fun. Let your imagination run wild and rediscover the child in you!