#WORKOUTATHOME – Online fitness programs for home

The gym is closed, your sports club is shut down, sporting events are postponed – now what?

As is often the case in life, there is a solution: online home fitness programs – THE alternative to keep your body in top shape or to start getting it ready for summer! In other words: There are no excuses!

Need a motivational boost?
Because sports can do so much more than bikini figure:

With sports you stay healthy & strengthen your immune system

Not only your bikini figure will be grateful, but also your immune system is strengthened by sports, kept healthy in the long term and supports you actively in any illness!

Studies looking at the effect of sport and exercise on the immune system show that the cell count of white blood cells, especially fast defense cells such as phagocytes that destroy foreign pathogens and antibodies, increases after physical exercise. The release of defense substances thus increases in the immune system and other systems involved in the immune system, such as the spleen and lymph nodes, are better supplied with blood and their performance is thus increased.

Those who exercise regularly also improve their cardiovascular function. This is because physical exertion requires more energy and oxygen, so the heart beats more frequently and pumps more blood to the body, exercising the heart muscle. This then in turn has a preventive effect and reduces the risk of sudden cardiac death in people with high blood pressure and other heart problems! And when the heart is happy, so are we!

Sport brings good mood

Sports is also a real mood booster & says any camp fever the fight. Scientific studies confirm that the body releases messenger substances during physical exertion, including endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. While endorphins primarily have a pain-relieving effect, making it easier for us to endure stress, serotonin and dopamine are also known as happiness hormones.
At the same time, sports also reduce the release of stress hormones, especially cortisol. In other words: sports make you happy and relaxed!

Convinced? Well then – let’s go!
We’ve picked out our top 7 online fitness programs for you to do at home that are not only super effective, but also a lot of fun! Another plus – all home workouts are free! There really can be no more excuses now! 😉

Our top 7 online fitness programs for at home

MADY MORRISON – Yoga for all and that from home!

If you’re looking for free yoga videos, Mady Morrsion is a hot tip! On her website and also on her YouTube channel you can find numerous yoga sessions – for free. So grab a yoga mat, activate your chakras and unite body and mind. In this sense: Oooooommmmm….

PAMELA REIF – Muscle soreness is pre-programmed!

You want to burn fat fast and are up for a really hard High Intensity Interval Training – then you are exactly right with Pamela Reif! Her YouTube channel is full of a wide variety of HIIT videos in a wide variety of lengths – from 10 min to 35 minutes, it’s all there. But beware, don’t be fooled by the brevity of the videos, because they really pack a punch and are guaranteed to make you sweat!

P.S. Pamela runs her channel in English, but no knowledge of English is necessary, as most of the videos only show the exercises.

CONNY KREUTER – Dance Salsa with her!

In these times of curfews and quarantine, Dancing Stars pro dancer Conny Kreuter has also acquired a taste for it and has been throwing a salsa party via Facebook livestream every Friday at 5:30 pm since the curfew began! Your chance to become a salsa queen or king and bring out your Latino side! 😉

For even more distraction, you can also find other fitness classes she holds weekly via livestream on her Facebook page as well! Wednesdays, 5:00pm (60 min abs/back/coordination)
Sundays, 5:30pm (30 min total body home workout)

FITSEVENELEVEN – from Zumba to boxing, it’s all here!

This channel is still a very young but upcoming YouTube channel that offers a wide range of workout videos – from Zumba to boxing and meditation, it’s all here! There are “only” 12 workout sessions, but since the beginning of the quarantine 1-2 new videos are uploaded per week – and they are worth watching! So if you are looking for variety and not too long workouts, FITSEVENELEVEN is definitely the right choice!

HAPPY AND FIT PILATES – Perfect for your Core!

Fancy a super full body workout to strengthen muscles, primarily pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles? Then Happy and Fit Pilates is for you, even if you’re new to Pilates! On their YouTube channel, the Happy and Fit Pilates experts provide workout videos for different levels of difficulty for free and also always train the most diverse areas! Almost all videos are also equipment-free – now and then water bottles are used, but you can pretty much find them at home! 😉
So let’s go and get happy and fit!

GLOBAL CYCLING NETWORK – For those with exercise bikes at home!

You have a home trainer at home and actually use it rather rarely? Then it’s time to dust it off again and really get going with it! We have a tip: I want to ride my…. ? Correct: Bicycle! Spinning is what it’s called – the perfect combination of fat burning and fitness maker. We recommend you check out the Global CycleNetwork channel on YouTube! There you will find numerous spinning videos with different trainers who will push you and drive you to peak performance! On top of that you can also improve your English skills!

PASSION4PROFESSION – Be part of the largest fitness community in the world!

Ever heard of Passion4Profession? Then it’s time – because it’s the world’s largest fitness community, offering numerous apps, in 21 different languages, for all the areas of your body you need to train – from abs, chest, arms to legs and butt, it’s all there – but not for free. What costs nothing, on the other hand, are the numerous YouTubevideos they have posted online on their own channel. Here you will be provided with numerous workout videos and on top of that you will be explained in short 1-2 minute videos how to perform the exercises correctly – brilliant, isn’t it?

Drink VABO-N APEX and get the best out of your body

To be well supplied during your home workouts and to support your body additionally, VABO-N APEX must not be missing! The Body Optimizer is your faithful buddy on the way to your personal goal! King class proteins in the form of collagen peptides, soluble fiber, superfruits like green tea, blood orange and guarana, a concentrated load of vitamins and minerals support you skillfully in fat loss and muscle building, are good for your cartilage, strengthen your connective tissue and increase your performance during training! The perfect formula to get the most out of you, your performance and your body!



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